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Removals and Stump Grinding


Remove tree to grade

This refers to the removal of a tree to a stump portion. Typically, the stump will be cut as low as possible. Keep in mind that a chainsaw should not be used in dirt, so a stump of 6 inches or higher may be left.

Grind stump

This refers to the grinding of the remaining stump into chips, which may or may not be left on site. If stated, it can include the grinding of surface roots around the stump, but does not include that stump portion below the ground. “Surface roots” include only those roots found on the surface of the soil.

Grind to replant

This means the grinder will be put deeper into the soil so that another tree may be planted near the site of the removal.  The cost of grinding to replant is usually a little higher.

Leave wood or haul it

If wood is left on site, it normally is cut into firewood length and left at the site of the removal. Some companies may offer to split the wood at an additional charge. You will want to remember that trunk portions of large trees are often unmanageable unless they are split.  Whether to have wood removed or not, is an issue that often causes confusion between contractor, property manager and homeowner. Some homeowners request that wood be left, while others call the property managers to complain about debris not being moved from the site. If stated clearly on the contract, there should be little doubt as to where the wood will be left.



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