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How to choose a tree from a nursery


When you go to the nursery to decide on a tree, there are a few important points that you need to understand. First, the trees may be root bound in the container. Secondly, the trees may have been recently planted up. In other words, you may be buying a five gallon tree with fifteen gallons of dirt. The same goes for a box tree, it may have been a recent transplant and you may find a cylinder of roots in a box. Trees are also pruned for appearance and that procedure may affect the growth pattern of the tree.


You should have a good understanding of what the tree you are choosing will turn into. (See the report on choosing the right tree). By understanding the growth habit of the mature specimen, you can better see what the shape of the young tree is turning into.


There are some basic faults to look for in a nursery tree. Look for crossing branches and tight crotches. Some trees are headed for self destruction from the start. By selecting a good branch structure with a balance of growth all around, you have a much better chance of developing a good specimen. There are always corrective cuts and adjustments, but a good start will insure you a quality tree with less (long term) maintenance.


I have developed a video CD (for the computer) that I am selling for $10.00. The information learned on this, (what is right and what is wrong) example will lead you through the process of selecting the best tree in a sea of choices.


Just e-mail me for a copy of this valuable tool. It just may help you to develop a better landscape. It will certainly save you a lot of money on future tree maintenance!



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