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Start Training the Trees Early


The smaller trees will also require some type of pruning for structural soundness. This should be done at an early stage of life before the cuts that are made are large and harmful to the tree.


When trees are trimmed incorrectly, or not trained from an early age, they require more work, more often.


This keeps us very busy dealing with all the problem trees, but we would much rather train trees from an early age so as not to need as much work.


Improper staking, structural defects, incorrect planting depth are just a few of the problems with a young tree that affects the future outcome. In most cases, these trees are neglected until they become a problem that is easily noticed. At that point in time, it is usually too late. Simple attention to these young problems at the early stages will save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the tree. In many instances, correcting a problem will mean the difference that saves the tree.


Removing a tree is expensive. Replacing a tree is expensive.


Lost growing time cannot be replaced.




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