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Ok, what is mulch? Basically, mulch is the debris that plants leave on the ground that builds up over time.  Mulch is also what we put down under the tree (or plant) to help it grow better.


How does mulch help? There are many reasons why mulch is important.  One of the most important is that mulch helps conserve water in the soil. Mulch also helps prevent erosion of the top soil and helps prevent compaction of the soil. There are also improvements in soil fertility and organic mulch helps immensely with root development. 


Weeds are choked out by a thick layer of mulch which helps minimize the competition. When water hits the surface of mulch, (from either rain or irrigation), the water stays where it falls rather than running off. This is especially important on hillside plantings. Mulch also controls soil heat build-up.


Finally, mulch just makes the landscape look better. When gardeners come in and blow the yard clean of all leaf matter and any mulch the plants may have, then the need for more water and nutrients becomes necessary to sustain the plants.


I have done tests on trees where some were mulched and some left with bare soil. I can tell you first hand which trees did better.  Healthy trees are able to combat many problems and survive insects and diseases better.


So, can you think of any good reason not to add mulch?



Think healthy trees!




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