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Arborists vs. Tree Surgeons


The difference between an Arborist and a Tree Surgeon.


The main difference is education. However, there are plenty of individuals who refer to themselves as Arborists without any training. The International Society of Arboriculture has developed a certification program and testing that gives the individual the the distinction of being called a Certified Arborist. The responsibility of being a Certified Arborist means maintaining the educational credits every year.


A Tree Surgeon is a person who works on trees. There may not be any training involved or there might be some. I'm sure there are many individuals who are proud to be called Tree Surgeons and may be very skilled. Unfortunately, there is a greater number of so called Tree Surgeons who have no respect for the trees and no training. This is a type of business that is very easy to get into and the basic equipment needed is not very expensive.


There are also companies that advertise Certified Arborist but do not represent the values of that honor. Some companies hire other Certified Arborists for the claim in advertising but do not follow the standards of proper tree care. Like all businesses, you need to research the company before you get involved with them.


A nice guy does not mean he knows what is right for your trees nor does the title of being certified mean he really cares. But if the company is run by Certified Arborists, at least you know you are on the right.



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