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List of tree related videos at YouTube (220 videos)
By Arborist Blair Glenn

Videos to help promote quality tree work

The importance of educational tree videos. I did this to send on to other Arborists in hope of them using this as a tool to forward to their clients.



Individual Trees

1) Monkey Puzzle-- This video explains some of the interesting features and how to deal with this type of tree. They are frost sensitive trees that you need to understand.

2) European White Birch-- I inspected this tree to find out what the problem is. A limb failed and the client asked me to check it out. Birch trees are very susceptible to decay and need to be respected with this knowledge. Over pruning a Birch can be the reason it goes downhill and may become hazardous because of the tree work. Come up in the tree with me and see what I am talking about. Let me know what you think.

3) Jacaranda-- This is a beautiful tree with it's own set of problems.

4) Italian Stone Pine.--- You need to understand each type of tree that you work on to know what needs to be done. If a tree is prone to weakness then you may want to take off a bit more weight. The Italian Stone Pine has it's own unique problems. This video shows a number of different Stone Pines and some are significant old historical trees.

5) Wistera--- Some good information on this beautiful vine. Sometimes they are trained onto a structure and can cause a lot of damage. While it is a wonderful plant to have, you must be careful

6) Silver Maple--- Some good information on this variety of tree. It can be a tremendous asset to your yard or a huge liability. You really need to inspect this variety of tree for weaknesses and defects. This video also shows some good shots of poor workmanship and damaging techniques that should always be avoided!

7) Evergreen Ash--- Also called the Shamel Ash, this species can grow into a real monster! On the positive side, a huge shade tree might be just what you are looking for. This short clip gives some great information that may be helpful if this is a species that you are considering or if it is a tree that you need to make some decisions with.

8) Sycamore--- Some good information on this species of tree. If you have this variety or are considering planting them, this information will give you some good insight into the future of this tree. Also, this clip shows what not to do to a Sycamore when you need to prune them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TtrfL8kJCA


9) Tulip Tree A beautiful tree with some really ugly problems.

10) Live Oak--- A bit of good information about the Coast Live Oak. I included a photo of a tree from 1918 that is still there today. Amazing how much it has grown! The house is still there too.

11) Italian Cypress--- This is a variety of tree that most people don't know how to prune. This short video can help you to better understand this variety of tree and hopefully not make a mistake.

12) Flowering Pear--- Some important information that needs to be understood regarding this variety of tree. It is a beautiful tree that is often ready to fail. This short video will give you some insight to the potential problems with this tree

13) Blue Atlas Cedar--- Two trees side by side. One was pruned wrong and the other was left alone. It will be interesting to watch these trees develop over time.
I also give some really good advice on how to prune conifers. There are some big mistakes that I hope you will now be able to avoid.

14) Western Red Bud



Redwood Trees

Redwood Failure 1--- Some interesting observations of some 31 year old, urban Redwood trees. Not what I expected! When I milled the logs, I was really surprised!

Redwood Failure 2--- This tree failed in a storm but this is an interesting observation on what should have been a good tree. I find a lot of weak or decaying redwood trees.

Another Redwood Failure 3--- More on my thoughts about how an urban redwood is highly susceptible to decay. Redwood trees grow really fast in an urban environment and sometimes there are problems that people don't understand. Because a Redwood Tree is known to be decay resistant, people believe their Redwood in the yard falls into that same category of safety! Be careful on this one. A Redwood in the wild is so much different!


Redwood Story and Root Borers 4--- Another good story about Redwoods.

How Safe is a Redwood Tree?--- In an urban environment, a Redwood Tree is often decayed. It is important to know this information if you have a really fast growing monster in your yard. Watch this video and see the images. You may change your mind about just how safe a Redwood Tree may be.

The difference between Redwoods---. There is a huge difference between trees that grow down in an urban environment and a natural mountain tree. This clip shows the details of the grain in lumber fresh off the sawmill. Also, I show a halved log during milling that better exposes the grain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdl_4kVxiLU

Redwood Removal No Drop Zone--- This is an interesting video on one of our jobs where there wasn't anywhere to let stuff fall. The damage that we could have caused would have been too much so we brought in a crane! I saved these logs and milled them into some really beautiful, tight grain lumber!

Redwood Hedge--- This video talks about using the Redwood tree in a group to create a fast growing hedge. Good idea? Bad idea? Well, in this case it worked and it accomplished what the homeowner needed. Maybe this isn't such a crazy idea after all!

Recycled Water and Redwood Trees--- Important information that needs to be understood if you need to use recycled water to irrigate. Redwood trees are very sensitive to the salinity in recycled water.

Redwood Drop Cupertino--- Would it be better to take this tree down in small pieces? Well, we decided to make a drop into the yard. The problem is that the lawn is important and we didn't want to fix it. We also needed to get this out without making a mess of things. The ground was soft so we needed to be creative in our process. Check it out and let me know what you would have done. I did have a big moment of relief when it hit the ground. You can always learn something from watching others do a job. Everyone will do a job with a different thought process. What do you think?




Pinched Redwood in Lumber--- As a sawyer, I discover some interesting stuff when I cut open a log. Look at the growth rings in this wood and it will tell an interesting story of neglect.

Milling Part One--- I'm also a sawyer. This is the first of a three part video that shows how I mill up lumber. People are always asking me about if their trees are worth milling. This redwood log tells a story. I'm also explaining the process of how to mill and how to get the best lumber with my Lucas Mill.

Milling Part 2--- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2wlBQxmBck


Milling Part 3---


Bridge--- Starting out by removing a large Redwood tree, I moved quickly into the milling process. This is a really interesting story of how I built a bridge from milled lumber on site. Start to finish in about 2 minutes! (about 6 months in 2 minutes?)




Nursery stock and choosing a good tree.--- I planted a Jacaranda tree that the client picked up. This video shows what not to choose when you look for a quality tree.

Planting a tree where there was a stump from another tree. Sometimes you don't have a choice and you need to put in a tree where there was a stump. This video shows what you need to do to prepare a proper hole when there is a lot of wood matter in the soil.

*Staking Trees--- Some valuable information on what happens when the nursery stakes are left on too long. Why do you stake a tree and how long should you leave a stake on a tree? This video explains this in a way that might help you to recognize a mistake or how to improve a situation for helping to establish a quality tree.

Planting Trees---. I took the time to stop and talk about the process of planting these trees. They are what are referred to as "Street Trees" and are planted close to a road. They are also being installed where old trees were removed. This video is a bit longer than most but worth the time to view.

Large Container Trees--- Are bigger trees always a good idea? Not always. Sometimes all you are buying is a problem tree with a root system that grows in circles! Very important to know what you are buying when you decide to spend the money on a big container. Is it just a big Bonsai or a tree that will evolve into a larger specimen?

Lawn Trees--- When you plant a tree in the lawn, there are some important considerations to pay attention to. If the mowers come too close or the sprinklers hit the trunk, you will end up losing the tree.

Gopher Baskets for Trees--- Good idea? Bad idea? Sometimes it's the only way to get a tree to survive those darn gophers! This video shows how one client built their basket and the problems that will occur with future growth.

Root Barriers Good idea? Bad idea?--- Stupid idea? Well, I am going to tell you what I think. Root barriers can cause problems. Used incorrectly, they can cause a weak tree.

Planting Large Container Trees--- Is it a good idea to plant such large trees? Watch this brief video and make up your own mind. Let me know what you think.




Pole Pruner Maintenance--- A short video that explains just how to take care of this valuable tool. A pole pruner is great but a dull or poorly working tool is a pain in the @%% !

Bad Tool--- This tool can be a real problem. The damage that is often caused by unskilled workers using this tool leads to trees being ruined! If your organization or City uses this pole chainsaw, then you had better pay attention to the way it is often used. If you are lucky enough to have a worker who really cares, count your blessings but don't let the tool go out to anyone else. Let me know what YOU think.

Poorly Designed Tool--- Use of a pole mounted chainsaw often leads to really bad cuts. This tool is so hard to use that I believe that it should not be used. Cities often buy this tool in order to try and save money having city employees do the tree work from the ground. Well, just look at what happens and ask yourself, "Are you saving money when you are messing up the trees"? I think that this is a question that City Managers need to address. How much will it cost you to replace these trees and how much time was lost of years of growth?

Chainsaw Bar Maintenance--- A lot of people know about sharpening their chainsaws but what about the bar. This part of the tool is just as important as a sharp chain. Follow this short video and you will see some of the issues that may help your saw to cut much better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo3l5IP5W9U

How to Restore a File--- I have a rather large collection of files for both wood and metal. Many of these files are old and don't work so well anymore. This video shows a great tip on how to restore a file to a useful condition in a short amount of time. With the high cost of files, this is well worth watching!

Skidsteer Warrior for Splitting Wood---I purchased a wood splitter that allows me to work from inside the cab of my Bobcat. If you have ever considered buying one of these, this may give you some input into how well they work.

Alpine Stump Grinder--- One of the smallest and most portable stump grinders available. Not for everyone but in some cases, this is the best tool for the job. Check it out.

Demo-Dozer Bucket--- This tool will change the way the world works with a skidsteer! Best bucket available. If you have a skidsteer, you will want this bucket. It replaces 5 different buckets in one tool.



Pruning Advice

Pruning Fruit Trees.--- This video is a bit longer than most because I go through the process of actually doing the pruning. I'm trying to explain my process as I work. This concept is good to utilize on many varieties of fruit trees. If you intend to try pruning your own fruit trees, then please take the time to view this 11 minute clip. If you just start hacking, you will be making mistakes that you can't fix. Respect your fruit trees and prune them with the knowledge of what you are trying to achieve and why.

*What is the right way to prune a tree?--- A valuable video that explains the right way to prune a tree by showing examples of mistakes in contrast to a properly maintained tree. This video uses the Coast Live Oak as the example tree.

Japanese Maple Pruning Tips--- Watch me working on a Japanese Maple from up in the tree. Here are some important tips to know when you work on this delicate tree species.

Why You DON'T Top Trees--- I'm hoping that by spreading the word about this procedure that is so damaging to trees I might be able to make a difference. If you value your trees, please watch this brief presentation. Pass it on! Please Don't Top Your Trees!

Poor Pruning General Thoughts--- Easy to find trees that have been screwed up. Harder to find trees that have been pruned properly

How to Take Care of your Trees--- You need to first look at the past pruning and potential decay areas before you decide what needs to be done. There are so many tree companies that don't know how to prune correctly and there are so many mistakes made. This short video talks about some of these mistakes and how you can avoid these problems

Difficult Pruning Decisions--- Often times you get into a tree that was harshly pruned in the past. This short video shows some really good shots of what you can do. Sometimes the decision is difficult and radical. Coming in after the fact means you need to make the tree safe but leave it looking like a tree! Watch the before and after shots to see the decisions that we actually did.

Liontailing--- This is a procedure that is often done to a tree that leads to failures. It is important to understand what this pruning process looks like as well as how to avoid it when asking for tree work. This is really valuable information that might help you to prevent future problems.

Orange Tree Advice.--- If you are so lucky to live in an area that allows you to grow an Orange tree, then this video gives some good advice on how to manage this type of tree.



Failures and Inspections

Shadow Oaks Live Oak--- Bee hives, decay and years of poor tree work have created a difficult tree to maintain. This inspection talks about the process of deciding what to do.
What would you do?

Eucalyptus Limb Failure--- What happened? Why did this fail? Knowing what can happen to a tree may help you when you need to work up in that type of tree.

Cables from tree to tree.--- This video is about how someone used chains and cables to keep some trees from leaning too far over a house. The procedure was wrong and the damage to the trees just made things worse.

Valley Oak Failure.--- This clip is about a large failure that impacted a pool. Interesting thing about this incident was that the amount of decay was not recognized but should have been. This could have been avoided if someone had looked close.

Cracked Oak Limb.--- Sometimes a discovery is made while you are working on a tree that makes you question your decisions. In this case we did make the right decision to take the whole limb off but had we not done so, the hazard would have remained hidden like a ticking time bomb ready to explode!

Chinese Elm Failure--- This is a short story about a failure that was really hard to have seen ahead of time. Failures are often surprises that the best of Arborists can't identify before it happens. There were some clues that should have alerted someone but sadly, the whole tree fell down and was removed.



Hazard Tree Assessment


Is this tree too dangerous to keep?--- This video explains the process to inspecting a tree and how I come to some conclusions about what to do with the tree. If you are involved in tree assessment, I'm sure you will be able to relate to what I am doing in this clip. If you are not looking closely, you might miss something that could lead to a failure. As Arborists or tree service professionals, we need to really try to see all the possibilities for failure. Adding, up the defects, showing them to the client, talking about the "what if" potential, are all very important when we make our decisions about what to do. Failing to see a problem because a professional does not recognize the hidden hazards, could result in not doing a procedure that could lighten the load or back up a weakness with cables or a brace.

Tree Failure---What would you do? A very large tree fell on a house. The whole weight of this tree was resting on a few key points. Watch us at work while we construct a sturdy A-frame to support the whole tree before we make the last cuts. If you don't prepare things right, you may end up doing more damage during a removal. Watch our crew as we skillfully remove this massive weight from this home. A crane was not possible in this location so we needed to use our ingenuity.

Harshly Pruned Sycamore--- The Sycamore tree, also called a Plane tree is a variety that is often harshly pruned. What happens when you cut a Sycamore tree harshly? This video shows the contrast between a poorly pruned tree and a tree with a natural structure.

Cabled Chinese Elm--- This clip is interesting because I am looking at a past repair on a tree that split apart. I cabled it and pulled it back together. The new growth absorbed the split and the cables relaxed. Is there still a weakness within that I should pay attention to? You tell me what you think about this situation.

Oak Decline.--- Hazard Inspection Here is where my job gets tough. A big beautiful tree in a location (over a house) that is potentially a target for failure. The homeowner is afraid but loves the tree. Watch my decision process and look at the signs as I see them. What would you do? Should this tree come out? Should you take off enough weight to make it safer but not so attractive? Tell me what you think and I'll let you know my decision.

Silver Maple Inspection and Evaluation--- What's going on here? Sometimes you look at a tree and there is something going on that you just can't identify. I know that the Silver Maple is a variety of tree that be dangerous. They decay rapidly and it is not uncommon to find a hollow Silver Maple. One such tree lead to a fatality in San Jose when it fell on a parked car with a child in the car.

Saving a Condemned Tree.--- This tree should have been removed but the client said no. I did what I could to prolong it's life but I still think it was a mistake. All I'm really trying to do here is help keep this tree from falling apart. The question does come to mind that maybe the cables are just holding this together longer than it should. I don't know but I really would like to hear some feedback from you. I don't want to hear about saving the tree because it is a nice tree. I want to hear about rational thoughts on safety. Did I over step the line on this one? I think maybe I did!

Chinese Elm Failure--- What happened? Why did this fail? You tell me your thoughts.

Camphor in Decline--- What is the Problem? The first of two videos on the decline of a specific tree. I went back a month later and did a video of the changes. I'm not sure what the problem is and welcome any input. What do you think?

Sudden Camphor Decline--- This tree went downhill really fast. I'm trying to figure this one out and I'm not sure what is going on. Watch this process of trying to figure out a mystery. I'm open to any ideas or thoughts from you. Let me know what you think.

Birch Trees in Decline--- What's Wrong? The trees are dying and the client wants to know why. Follow me in this inspection and you will see how I evaluate the trees. It is often a bit of detective work to figure out these problems.

Silver Maple--What Killed It?--- Sometimes it is really hard to figure out what killed a tree. Watch this short video of my thoughts and discoveries. I also called the client to find out more details. Very interesting! Any ideas?

California Pepper in Decline--- An inspection of a grand old tree to try and figure out what is killing it. The detective work involved in trying to figure these problems out don't always give me an answer. I'm open to ideas and welcome any comments.

Hazardous Removal Falling Sycamore--- This was a very interesting job with some really hard decisions to make. The whole tree moved and rested on another tree across the creek. I need to make this safe but the crew needs to stay safe while doing the job. Follow me up into the tree and you will see the difficulties that we encountered. What would you do?

Wisteria Problem--- Not actually a tree but sometimes they are trained as a standard free standing specimen. Watch this close up inspection and follow my observations to conclude that this tree will not survive.

City Hall Live Oak Decline--- Removing this tree was a really tough decision. Many people thought that this tree should stay until it died. Identifying defects and decay pockets lead to a decision that upset a lot of people.

Oak Failure--- A very large Oak tree (Live Oak) fell over and I was asked to figure out what happened. This tree showed no signs of decay or weakness. Why did the whole tree fall over? Watch this and decide for yourself. What do you think happened?

Valley Oak Question--- Is this tree safe? Should it be removed? These are the questions the client asked me to try and figure out. There are a lot of visible defects and this is a high traffic area. What do you think?

Identifying Hazardous Trees--- This is a real art that takes years for an Arborist to learn. This short video will give you a bit of insight into how to understand some of the weaknesses and defects in trees. I'm sure you will find this information quite valuable.

Modesto Ash with Mushroom Problems--- Mushrooms are often a sign that there is root decay. This short video shows some of the discovery I made at this location.

Madrone Decline--- I was asked to look at this beautiful tree and help the client understand why the tree is starting to decline. Sometime construction impact leads to an irreversible decline in a tree.

Cat Damage to Trees--- Many types of trees have very thin bark and the cats sharpening of their claws does some serious damage to the tree. This short video explains this problem and I offer some advice on how to minimize the problem.

Birch Trees in Groupings--- Landscapers often plant a group of three birch together. Is this a good idea or just an aesthetic decision? A grouping can often lead to a problem due to the crowded condition. If you already have a group of three, should you remove some of the trees to allow for the others to be okay? These are some important questions that this short video deals with.

Weakened Avocado--- This was a tough tree to try and figure out what to do. It was a mess! Everywhere I looked, the tree was ready to fall apart. This situation didn't have a good outcome no matter what I did!

Young Willow ---This brief video is about an inspection and consultation on an individual tree. Watch this video and see the discoveries and problems with this young willow.

Sap Sucker in Birch Trees--- A Sapsucker is a bird that can cause serious damage to a tree. They are very hard to see but the damage is easy to find.

Declining Willow



Interesting Stories

In Search of the Grandfather Madrone--- This was a fun adventure that I went on with my young son. Way out in the woods, a storm was brewing and we got caught up in it. Wild animals and falling trees made this an adventure that poor Trent will never forget! Join us for a bit of an adventure to locate the magnificent "Grandfather Madrone"!
All this excitement in only 3 minutes of video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgWKO1QLsw0

Tree Walk 2009--- It is important to try and teach the children about our trees. This tee walk in the woods was a challenge to teach them about the native trees in our area.

Sad loss of a long time resident (A Tree)--- I was saddened to see a magnificent tree removed only for the process of a new development. Sometimes we value trees and sometimes they just seem to get in the way of progress--but is it progress to destroy a valuable tree that has lived here longer than anybody?

A Union of Two Trees--- Wow, this is different! Look at this closely and you will see how two different trees have merged and grafted. Or does it just look like a graft. Without cutting the tree down and looking inside, I can only guess. You tell me what you think.

Tree in a Planting Tub--- Okay, this is just wrong! I have to shake my head but I also think this is funny. Is the tree safe enough? You tell me what you think.

My Favorite Tree--- There is a right way and a wrong way to work on a tree. This is a tree that has never been worked on by anyone else. I feel responsible for this tree and I have made all the decisions on the tree for the last 32 years! There aren't many trees that I can say that I am the only one who has ever worked on it and I am quite proud of this individual.

External Hive--- Very interesting and rare occurrence of an external bee hive. I asked a professional bee keeper about this and he gave me some interesting answers. The client was worried that the added weight from the hive filled with honey could cause a limb to break. What to do? What would you do?

Monoculture ---This is a huge problem that is often overlooked. Sometimes a problem develops in a variety of tree and if there are a whole bunch of the same species planted together, then all the tree fall victim to the problem. This is a very informative video that may help you to change your mind if you are in the planning process of a landscape.

Awesome Tree Work Worth Watching--- I put this short collective together to show some of the difficult removals that we have gotten into. This is a tough business and a really dangerous line of work. Check out some of the engineering and tricks that we do to get our jobs done safely and efficiently!

A Humble Experience--- I admit it, I made a mistake on this one. I completely missed the mark and I could have gotten someone killed! I was moving too fast at the bid and I didn't look closely enough. The climber didn't see it either and we got away with it. The "what if" on this job really scared me. I want to share this so someone else might benefit from this little bit of insight into what could happen. When you are doing tree work as long as I have, you do make some mistakes. I'm a bit embarrassed by this but feel I need to show it anyway.

Camperdown Elm--- and interesting history of tree techniques. A beautiful variety of tree that is quite rare. These two trees are a Filoli Gardens and there is an interesting story of how someone tried to kill them! This is an interesting video about some unusual trees.

Water Feature in the Landscape--- For a few years, I really got into creative landscape design using water features. I know a lot about water features and I know how hard it is on the back!

Blaney Plaza Pines--- One of these huge trees started to fall over and I was called in to save it. This was a new procedure for me but they couldn't find anyone else who was willing to try. So, with a "wing and a prayer", I climbed up there and started to work. First, I needed to reduce the weight so this tree would settle back in. This is a good history of some magnificent trees that are the main entry to our town of Saratoga, Ca.

Grafted Peach--- Some amazing photos of a truly amazing grafted peach. 4 different varieties were on the same big tree. When it bloomed, it was absolutely beautiful!

Seed Saving--- I'm a big vegetable gardener and many of the plants I put in, come from seeds that I saved. You can save a LOT of money by paying attention and saving seeds for the next year. Trading seeds will get you other types that you may not have. Giving them away also leads to vegetables coming back to you. Try it, it's easy and it is fun! Let me know what you think.



Newest Videos

High Hand Nursery--- In Loomas California, there is an amazing nursery with a great assortment of plants. I'm sharing this because it is well worth a visit!

How to Save a Dying Citrus Tree

Spreading Wood Chips

Parking Lot Trees

Staking Trees/ Pros and Cons

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The Importance of Educational Tree Videos

Crows and Cherries

Apple Fruit Thinning

Basements and Trees

Silver Maple Defects

Modesto Ash Cable Problem

Oak Tree Consultation (Valley Oak)

Tree Planting Rings Just Don't Work!

This Just Doesn't Make Sense To Me! (F. Plums)

The Birds Were Crapping on my Car

Modesto Ash Weakness/Failure

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Mayten Disease (What Is It?)

Topped Canary Island Pines

Dangerous Removal (large Fir)

Shaw Consultation / Removal Decisions


Southpark Walkthrough

Magnolia Scale

Moving Wood with the Demo-Dozer Bucket

Weight Reduction Large Valley Oak

Walkthrough Condo Complex

Oak Tree Inspection (Hernandez)

Live Oak Inspection

Use the Right Tool for the Right Job (Pole Chainsaw Tool)

Sprinklers and Trunk Damage

Coast Redwood in Decline

Unknown Disease on White Fir

Catalpa Tree

Hard Pruned Deodar Cedar

Oak Evaluation (Live Oak)

Fruitless Mulberry

Flowering Locust


Wrong Tree / Wrong Place! (Evergreen Ash)

Pine Tree Inspection (Monterey Pines group) Leans

Silver Maple Root Grinding

Failed Apple Limb (and how I saved it!)

Tan Oaks and Sudden Oak Death

Zelkova Problem

Pruning a Tree That Was Topped in the Past (Liquidambar)

Is this Limb Too Heavy?

Power Company Pruning


Building an A-Frame to Remove a Tree

Saving a Declining Apple Tree

Training Young Trees

Damaged Redwood Tree/ Diseased?

(shot from the bucket truck)

Cables from Tree to Tree

Large Valley Oak Failure (Fell in a pool)

Nursery Stock and Choosing a Good Tree---


Planting a Tree Where there was an Old Tree Stump

Pruning Fruit Trees (Keeping them shorter)---


Underground--Crown Rot--Buried Trunk---
Crown Rot When the base of a tree decays due to irrigation hitting the tree, a weakness can develop. Some species of tree rot faster than others and some will tolerate the weakness. Very important to investigate closely to see what you are getting yourself into. Climbing a weak tree can lead to a disaster.

Buried Trunk on Japanese Maple--- The information in the video is good for most trees about soil raised around a tree trunk. This problem often leads to crown rot and should be avoided whenever possible.


Footwear for Tree Climbing---What you wear in the trees can make the job go smoother but if you wear the wrong type of shoes, you can actually cause damage to some of the trees.



Holly Oak Topped in the Past--- What appears to be a nice healthy tree actually has a lot of problems. Come on up in the tree with me and I'll show you what I found.



Butchering a Tree to Save It?---Well, this video is sure to raise some eyebrows and I expect a lot of comments. The tree is dying so what I am trying is just the last step before removal. The client would like to try and save the tree but--- Tell me what you think.

Huge, Ancient Live Oak---This tree has some interesting defects that it has lived with for a long time. I think it is the largest Live Oak in the Santa Clara County. Worth looking at!




Insect Problems

Eucalyptus Tortoise Beetle


Oak Moth--- Looking at some of the trees in downtown Carmel, many are just loaded with Oak Moths. Looking at the foliage tells me that these trees need help.

Oak Moth 2--- This insect can cause a great amount of damage to an Oak tree and needs to be better understood. Watch this short video and learn more about this hungry little caterpillar.

Hackberry Aphid Big problem!--- The sticky mess that these insects cause is enough to make some people want to remove the trees! What can you do? What shouldn't you do? This short video will give you some insight into the fairly new problem in our area of California.



Cement in a Tree

Cement in a Tree--- In years past, tree workers often filled a cavity with cement. Some of this work was very creative and aesthetic but does it do anything to help the tree? Modern arboricultural science says no. Look at this old example of a tree that was filled with cement 50 or 60 years ago!

Cement Over a Cavity--- This procedure is not done much anymore because it has been shown to be of no value to the health of the tree.



Tips, Tricks, Techniques

Using Chips as a Wood Catch--- A difficult location and safely removing a tree involves some unique skills and tricks. Watch this short video to learn one of our tricks. A bit of a nuisance but in a difficult location, this is worth the effort!

Big Wood--- One of the tricks that we use to get big wood down safely and without breaking your back! This is a tip that you will find to be so valuable that you will want to call me up to thank me!

A Falling Tree that needs an A Frame Support--- This is a tip that we use quite often to save a tree. This job went a little further than what I like to get involved in but it worked! Let me know what you think.





Like a tree, this site is growing. Check back often to see how we are evolving.